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Stop Wasting Money On Newspaper Ads.

Email Works Better. Much Better.
And Costs Less. Much Less.

Every business needs to advertise, including yours. Customers don't wake up in the morning thinking of your business. They need to be told.

  • The Problems: Visibility and Cost

Advertising is especially important for small local businesses because of their limited visibility. Your business isn't the anchor store in the local mall, and hasn't benefited from national media advertising for the last 20 years. You need to do something extra to get noticed, and be remembered.

Advertising is particularly difficult for small local businesses because you pay higher rates for mass media advertising than national chains. You'd like to advertise more, but you just can't because of the cost.

Not to mention that mass media advertising isn't targeted on your small but loyal clientele. Instead you're probably wasting money advertising to lots of people who have no reason to be interested in your business.

  • The Solution: Email Advertising

The solution? Email. Specifically Flamingo Email, the email solution designed for small local businesses.

The first advantage you get with Flamingo Email is very low cost. Why spend hundreds of dollars (at least!) on a single small newspaper ad nobody even notices, when for less than the price of a decent restaurant meal you can send multiple emails to several thousand of your customers?

The second advantage you get with Flamingo Email is that you are targeting exactly the people who want to hear from you: Your existing customers. Why pay to reach an entire city when you are a neighborhood business? Repeat business from loyal customers is your lifeblood, so focus on them.

  • What Exactly Is Flamingo Email?

Flamingo Email is a web site based service where you write emails, send them to your customer list, and maintain that customer list. You write the emails in a simple "mini word processor" window right on the web site, much like you would with your favorite personal email program, and click a button to send them. It's no harder than sending your personal email.

But Flamingo Email isn't just about technology. We have many years of hands on experience running and promoting small local businesses, and we give you lots of advice on how to get the results you want. Things like what makes a good promotional offer in an email, and how to write advertising versus an informative newsletter.

  • What Does It Cost?

Flamingo Email is FREE for a list of up to 10000 email addresses. That's plenty to get started with. The cost to send to a larger list is $29.95 per month, for up to 2,500 email addresses. Pricing for larger lists is slightly less per address, contact us for details. There is no limit on how often you can send emails.

Compare that to the cost of even a small newspaper ad!

We'll give you all the help you need, so get started today!

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